Can I feel secure when a movement or noise is detected that I will be notified?

You can arrange for notification to be sent to your smartphone or email address when there is noise or motion event detected or when the camera has unexpectedly gone off line. Please select the notification type by activating it.

To activate and receive your smartfrog notifications, please go to My cameras.
• Tick the setting icon *(gear vector icon) image

• Select the Notifications TAB!
• Select and turn “alert on”

• Select your preferences: Movement – Noise - Camera Offline

• Select “alert interval” specifies frequency of alerts

• To schedule specific notification times.

• Select “alert times”

• Turn on Scheduler

• Select “New” Start and Stop menu will appear.

• Schedule you’re alert notifications.

• Select “Active days”

• Select accordingly
• Select & Tap “Create” Your notification is set.

• Schedule multiple notifications - Select “New “ & repeat the steps for addiitional alerts.

• The illustration above confirms multiple alerts.

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