How do I connect my camera with Smartfrog?

To connect your smartfrog camera for use, please see the illustration guide below for immediate installation.

• Connect your smartfrog camera with the required USB voltage cable.
• Connect your Android or I-phone to the preferred WiFi network.
• System Requirement: Andorid version 4.1 iPhone IOS version 6.2 (and up).
• Use a password protected WiFi Network where the password consists of letters and numbers (you may need to update your WiFi password if the original numbers-only factory password is still used)
• Download and install the smartfrog app. from Google Play or The Apple Store

Getting Started:
• Log into the app.
• Tick menu bar - camera overview

• Select & tap connecting another Smartfrog Cam.
• The LED displays a red signal
• Select continue Camera will broadcast “SMARTFROG CAM READY”
• The LED displays a BLINKING green signal
• Select continue
• You may enter a customized name *e.g. (living room).
• Select continue
• Enter your WiFi protected password. Tick Continue
• Camera will broadcast “CONNECTING TO WIFI NETWORK.
• Camera will broadcast “SMARTFROG CAM ONLINE:
Position your camera to accordingly

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