Can I delete or remove individual cameras from my account?

Yes, you can delete or remove a camera from your account, as long as it is a full price camera.  Please be aware that once a camera has been deleted, all related footage will not be recoverable. If you have a monthly lease camera option, please note that you will be required to cancel the subscription and return the camera (unless you have paid for 24 months) or you will continue to be invoiced monthly.

To proceed with removing a camera from your account, please log in to your account at  Click on "Live-view" under the camera you wish to remove.

Next, click on "More options" to the right of the picture and then ""Advanced."

Lastly, under the "General" tab choose "Remove camera"and your options will look like one of the following:


You can also log in to the Smartfrog app and remove a full-price cam.  Simply tap on the gear wheel next to the preview of the cam you wish to remove:

Then, choose the last option at the bottom, Remove device.






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