How do I create a video clip and a Time Lapse Clip?

To create video clips or a time lapse clip, sign into your Smartfrog account via the website

  • Click on "Recordings" under the camera that you wish to create a clip for.


  • From here you can "Delete recordings" "Create time-lapse" or "Create clip" as you wish. Please note that the history available is based on your account which can range between 4 hours to 30 days of history available.
  • Choose the time frame that you wish to create a clip for by using the blue selector bar which can be moved, shortened or lengthened depending on your wish


  • You can name the clip as you wish or leave it with the date and time of the timeframe. Please note that it can take some time for the clips to be available depending on the length of the clip that you created. To view your saved clips, go to "All Cameras" at the top and then "Saved videoclips". The saved clips will also be available in the Smartfrog App.





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