My Smartfrog camera loses the Wi-Fi connection or is not reachable, what can I do?

Disconnections between your Smartfrog Cam and Wi-Fi can occur due to various factors. The most common can be fixed with a few small steps.

1. Adjust the camera

A stable WLAN connection is a prerequisite for a faultless connection. Often walls can interfere with the connection. Move the camera to a different location in the room to exclude lower Wi-Fi areas.

2. WLAN router

It can be helpful to periodically reboot the router. This will allow the firmware of the router to be updated if needed.

Some routers (especially from Apple) also automatically perform backups. During this time, the WLAN frequency is heavily loaded and our cameras may lose the connection. Once the backup is finished, the camera should automatically reconnect.

3. Restart the camera

Our camera is a small computer and, as with a home PC, a reboot can often lead to improvements. Just unplug the camera for about 10 seconds and plug it in again.

4. Change the WLAN frequency channel

a) The Smartfrog Cam connects via the 2.4 GHz frequency of your router. This frequency has a comparatively low data transmission.

In a busy network, the camera can lose connection. Here it helps to reduce the resolution of the camera reducing the bandwidth. This can be adjusted in the settings of the camera under "Video quality".

b) Especially in apartment buildings, where many residents use their own WLAN network, frequency channel overlapping can occur.

Different networks overlap because they use the same channel. In order to change the channel, you must change the channel in the configuration menu of your router and in the WLAN menu. Often it is enough to set the channel from 1 to a high channel. For example, 10 or higher.

Please contact your internet service provider if you need help with the conversion.

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