My camera is already connected to another account

If you receive the error message, "this camera is already connected to another account", please check that you are using the same email address of the account you used to place the order with.

1. Open the Smartfrog App on your phone. If you are already logged in, tap on the 3 bars on the top left side of your screen. 


2. Then tap on "User account"


3. Next, please log out by tapping on "Sign off"



4. As seen in the following welcome screen, please choose the option at the bottom, "Already registered? Log in" and use the email address associated with the purchase of the camera.



5. Please see "How do I connect my camera with Smartfrog?" to continue the installation process.

 If you are unable to set up the camera because you receive the message that the camera is already connected to another account, please provide our customer service team with the following so that we can better assist you:

1. The email address used to order the camera

2. The serial number or MAC address of the camera. (This can be found on the back of the camera 04.5C.06....)


3. The seller of the camera (Amazon, Media Markt, etc.)

4. The price that you paid for the camera

You can find our contact information here or alternately you can email us at


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