I am having trouble setting up my camera

The following solutions may help if you are having problems setting up your camera for the first time.

After the QR-Codes is scanned, the camera states "Wrong WLAN Password"

1. The camera can not connect to some routers if the password is the original factory-set password with numbers only.

Please extend your password with one letter in the configuration menu of your router. Your password should be at least 8 characters long and no more than 32.

2. The 5 GHz frequency of your router may be blocking the installation of the camera which requires 2.4GHz.

Please shut off the 5 GHz frequency in the configuration of the router until the successful installation of your smartfrog camera. You can then reactivate the 5GHz in your router.

Where can I find my WLAN key / How do I access my router?

The WLAN key and access data of your router can be found on the back side or under side of the router. It can also be found in the manual of your router. Here is an example:

Open a new browser window and enter in the iP address listed on your router.

The configuration menu will now be available. Here you can update the settings accordingly. As each router varies, we are unable to provide specifics based on your router. For further assistance with your router, please contact the manufacturer if you are unable to locate the password reset or the 2.4GHz / 5GHz change area.

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